12 things you must do in the garden this November 

  November Tips
 1. Cut back and clean up perennial beds…most perennials can be cut back to the ground, leaving 3-4 inches at the base, but perennials like, ornamental grasses, sedum, and hellebores should be left to provide winter interest.

2. Cut back shrub roses 

6. Cover strawberry beds with an inch or so of straw once the ground freezes.

7. Thoroughly clean bird feeders and fill them with birdseed. Clean birdbaths and consider a heating unit to provide fresh water throughout the winter.

9. Trim existing asparagus foliage to the ground after the first hard frost and mulch beds.

10. Plant spring flowering bulbs, before ground freezes.

11. Clean out planters of any dead material leftover from summer and fall. Scrub inside with coarse bristle brush, bleach and water solution, invert and store for the winter.

12. Plant Paper white and Amaryllis bulbs for the Christmas holiday.