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Custom Container Garden Package Pricing

Custom container garden packages*

Custom container gardens designed with the finest quality organic soil, flowering and foliage plants


Bring the outdoors in…four seasonal, table top living arrangements artfully crafted with beautiful flowering annuals, herbs and tropicals plants.  $200.00


Curb Appeal…Basic package, 2 12” $110.00

Deluxe package, 3 assorted pot sizes $180.00

Welcome Home…Basic package 2 14” $170.00

Backyard Oasis…

3 assorted pot sizes $175.00

5  assorted pot sizes $285.00

7  assorted pot sizes $405.00

Ultimate Backyard Oasis…

9 assorted pot sizes $540.00

11 assorted pot sizes $655.00

15 assorted pot sizes $1012.00


Maintenance Package…Monthly check-up includes grooming, replacements, additional fertilizer.

1 month. $75.00

3 months. $150.00.

Plant Nanny…Watering Service $25.00 per day

7 days $140.00

10 days $200.00

14 days $280.00

*Introductory pricing only

*Packages include customers pots.  Additional pots not included in pricing, can be available to purchase.