Fall Reboot For Your Tired Summer Veggie Garden

As the summer draws to a close and the nights cool down, your summer vegetables become tired.  Refresh your garden this fall and plant cool season veggies, these include a wide assortment of lettuce and cole crops.  Cole crops are vegetables in the brassica family, such as broccoli, kohlrabi, mustard greens, kale, just to name a few.  These crops have the shortest growing season and tolerate a light frost from time to time.  They can be planted now and ready for harvest beginning in October through November, even the early part of December.


Below are some of my favorite cool season veggies to grow right now! General rule of thumb is; If you like and you eat it, then grow It!









Swiss Chard




5 easy steps to reboot your garden

 1.  Remove any dead crops and weeds that remain in the bed.  Add a fresh layer of compost to help          condition the soil.  You want to build the nutrients in the soil that has been lost from the summer growing season.

2.  Choose plants that have a head start.  Your success rate will increase with starters, rather than seedlings, since the day length is shorter and nights are cooler.

3.  Fertilize new plantings.  Always fertilize any new planting with a high quality organic fertilizer.  This will help your new plantings grow strong and healthy from the bottom of their roots to the tops of their leaves.

4. Use a frost cloth.  Row covers and remay cloth are great for protecting plants from a light to a hard frost.

5.  Mulch. Apply a fresh bed of straw to provide and extra layer of warmth and to help keep the weeds

to a minimum.


Enjoy your garden and the outdoors as long as you can!  Happy planting and harvesting!