January Gardening “To Do” List

headGardening doesn’t stop in January. Here is what I’m doing this month in my garden.

1. Organizing seeds for the spring growing season. Discard any old or outdated seeds. Seeds become less viable with age. Sort through current seed catalogs for fresh seeds.

2. Attract birds to your winter garden. There are plenty of birds that stick around during the winter so keep feeders filled with plenty of black oil sunflower seeds.

3. Makes plans for spring, literally. Make a sketch of your garden, nothing too fancy. A simple drawing or outline of your garden can help you visualize where your garden is and where you are going to take it in the future.

4. Keep a journal of your successes and failures. Having a journal is a great way to document your plantings and how well they are growing along with container garden recipes. It is also a great way to keep a log of weather conditions from year to year. Write down the day, the weather conditions for that day as well as the high and low temperature.

5. Take inventory of your tool shed. Be sure tools are cleaned properly, sharpened and ready to go when you need them.