Propagating Succulents

succulentsSucculents are the hottest trend In gardening but can be expensive.  It takes very little time to grow plants from your existing plants by propagation.  Here are some tips when propagating succulents.

In a pot or tray filled with cacti/succulent soil, be sure to pre-moisten soil, cut a leaf from the main plant and lay in the soil.  Be sure to cover the ends of cutting.  I like to lay them In pattern to maximize the space…plus they look pretty too.

Place pot or tray in a south facing window and water only when dry, check every 10 days or so.

In a few weeks you’ll see roots growing and rosettes forming.
It’s that easy!

8 thoughts on “Propagating Succulents”

  1. Oh I love this post. I’m usually terrible with succulents. We live in Ohio and it’s just not the same as growing them in California. Would love to see something on how to keep the dang things alive in an area where I can’t keep them outside in the winter.

  2. I had know I idea it could be so simple propagating succulents. Living in Arizona there are tons of succulents and when I see on that has broken off from the plant I pop it into some soil and voila I have my own succulent.

  3. Tina, this remind me of what my mother used to do. She had at one time about 50 variety of cactus and other small potting plants.

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