Terrarium Demonstration By Tina Sottolano Of Gardens On The Go

How to make a Terrarium in 5 easy steps.
Terrariums are on of the easiest indoor gardening activities to create and care for, very little light and water are needed.

1. Choose a container. Glass jars are great for terrariums, they hold the moisture and humidity, and easy to find around the house.

2. Select plants for your terrarium. Choose 1-1 1/2” plants with varying colors and textures to provide visual interest when creating your design. Here are a few of my favorites; Fern varieties, Selaginella moss, Fittonia,’ nerve plant’, Hypoestes, ‘polka dot’ plant, Strawberry Begonia. They love the moist humid conditions of a terrarium.

3. Add potting medium. Place a 1/4” layer of horticultural charcoal at the bottom of jar. Next add a 1/4”  layer of river gravel and a 1/4” layer of African Violet soil.

4. Arrange and plant. When planting start in the middle of the jar and then work around the sides, this makes it easy to maneuver in the jar. Loosen root ball and flatten, push back still and place, then fill in.

5. Top dress with moss and water. Create your own mini woodland landscape by adding a few twigs, decorative stone, or pinecone. You can even add a mini animal or garden fairy. Once you have watered your terrarium close the top, if the jar has a lid. You should begin to dee condensation build within the jar. Place jar in indirect light and enjoy. The condensation and humidity build up provides enough moisture for the terrarium to sustain it self for months.

For a closer look on how to create a terrarium click on the video above.

Tina Sottolano-Cain is a horticulturist with 17 years experience in the gardening industry and owner of Gardens on the Go, a gardening and consultation firm.
She is host of Garden Minute for Calkins Media.

6 thoughts on “Terrarium Demonstration By Tina Sottolano Of Gardens On The Go

  1. Who knows, maybe this is something I can plant and not kill; at least right away. I’ll have to try it and see how it goes. First, I have to figure out where I can place it in the house to get indirect sunlight. Thanks for these posts. I’m enjoying learning more about gardening.

  2. That is a great idea for summer camp. I will pass this on to my daughter who is a camp counselled. Thanks for those wonderful ideas.

  3. When I was a kid I used to make Terrariums all the time… thanks for the “recipe.” I think I am going to make one this weekend! I am seeing this lost art more-and-more.

    • I think that is a great idea! I would love to! I have done workshops in the past with children and they love creating terrariums. It is great to see how excited they get just to get their hands dirty, along with their interest in botanical science.

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