Top 10 Easy To Grow Low Light Plants

Aglaonema, ‘Chinese Evergreen’

Some of the most colorful and interesting plants grow in low light.  Here are 10 easy and beautiful low light plants:

1. ZZ plant 12- 18” tall

2.  Pothos -trailing habit with long runners, yellow/green leave

3. Spathiphylum, ‘Peace Lily’ 18-36” tall, white flower spike, keep plant evenly moist

4. Dracaena has variegated foliage

5. Maranta, Prayer Plant, 6-8” tall

6. Aglaonema, ‘Chinese Evergreen’, 18″ tall grown in varied colors with variegated leaves.

7. Pepperomia 4-10” tall

8. Arrowhead Vine was a bush like habit in pale green to white foliage

Phalaenopsis, ‘Moth Orchid’

9. Phalaenopsis, ‘Moth Orchid’  12” and 18-24” tall

10. Rex Begonia  4-8” tall

If you think your house is too dark, give one of these plants a try!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Tina Sottolano-Cain is a horticulturalist with 17 years experience in the gardening industry and owner of Gardens on the Go, a gardening and consultation firm.
She is host of Garden Minute for Calkins Media.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Easy To Grow Low Light Plants”

  1. Love orchids and am very excited to know they actually might survive in my home. I am caring for some of my mother’s while she is away and was worried I might kill them. (No green thumb here…AT ALL!) Sharing this on FB with my mom!!

  2. Your list make a lot of sense as most of those plant thrive in the wild in the shade. Your post are very informative not to say quite colorful, I like them. Great job.

  3. Great reminder that now that my children are older I can bring plants back into the house. I used to have so many and over the years as they died I did not replace them. Love the suggestions about the types, I saw a post earlier this week as well. I think it is a message!

  4. Thanks for this great list. I live in Arizona where people think you can’t grow plants. Part of it is true in that the screens used block too much light. I removed some of them and my place has tons of low light plants thriving well. People say my home looks comfortable and it is because of all of my low light plants.

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